Cabbage and Bean Soup

Cabbage and Bean Soup
Cabbage and Bean Soup

I have a fair few wonderful vegan friends on social media, many who prepare fantastic meals and who are also kind enough to share their recipes for others to enjoy.

Over time, I will give a little spotlight to these people to show off their talents. But for my first i've chosen a lovely person Christi who is not only a super strong character who promotes positivity in everything she does and is often described as an inspiration, but yes christi also works as a fellow admin on one of the vegan groups I help run on Facebook. Honestly Christi, I don't know where you find the energy, hehe.

One of her recipes is for Cabbage and Bean Soup (the one used for the picture for this) and this is what she has said about it:

This recipe has been a family favorite since I was pregnant with my oldest child, who is now almost 21. I craved this soup every day. I had to learn to make it or I would go broke eating at the local restaurant which served it along with garlic cheddar biscuits. (Recipe for the veganized biscuits can be found Here) This had to be veganized because it was an important part of our family's history.

This soup is easy to make & inexpensive to feed a crowd. That was a must raising 4 children. I would not post it until I got the seal of approval from my husband that it was good enough to be called "Cabbage and Bean Soup" and published. I hope this soup will keep you warm in the coming Fall months and become a family favorite in your home.

Now I'm going to be a little mean, as I'm not going to share the recipe itself here as that would defeat the purpose of me highlighting this, to see the full recipe your going to have to check out the blog.

So here is a link to the recipe: Cabbage and Bean Soup

And a link to Christis blog: CLICK ME

You can also check out the Facebook page: HERE

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