FabFudge Offers Biscoff, Amaretto, Fruit & Nut, Oreo, Chocolate Orange Flavored Dairy-Free Fudge And More

FabFudge Offers Biscoff, Amaretto, Fruit & Nut, Oreo, Chocolate Orange Flavored Dairy-Free Fudge And More

FabFudge, is a UK based dairy-free fudge company, offering a fantastic range of vegan fudges for all occasions, with profits going to an important charitable cause.

FabFudge creates a superb range of dairy free fudge including their brand new fruit & nut fudge, of course this is on top of their very popular delicious Biscoff, Amaretto, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Orange flavours to name a few.

FabFudge Fruit & Nut

As well as these, FabFudge also produces their popular Vegan Baileys “Almande” Fudge. This “world exclusive” fudge is made by blending the “lusciously creamy drink with our signature dairy-free chocolates to create a beautifully smooth fudge with more than a hint of the gorgeous Baileys within.”

All year round vegan flavours include Creme Egg, Cinder Toffee, Pistachio, Rum & Raisin, Cashew & Maple Syrup, Oreo and Banoffee.

FabFudge Chocolate Orange

Founded in 2016, FabFudge raises funds for Reboot Me with HSCT, which aims to help one multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferer, Jill, receive the much-needed treatment for her illness.

The Bristol based company began as a simple fundraising activity, selling fudge to friends and family. However, now, the award-winning brand offers over forty different flavours of dairy free fudge and ships internationally. But, while the business has grown, the mission remains just the same; with profits going towards getting Jill the MS treatment she needs. FabFudge also promises on their website, “Once she has undergone the treatment and recovered, we will be donating a substantial share of the profit to AIMS,” a charity established to aid others seeking treatment for MS.

FabFudge Baileys Almande

Jill has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for over a decade and decided enough was enough! After seeing doctors and numerous experts who didn’t really offer any hope of a cure, she decided to do her own research and came across HSCT.

HSCT is quite complex but involves chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to create a new immune system. The only problem is that it costs a lot of money because Jill doesn’t meet the extremely tight criteria required by the NHS, and so Jill is seeking treatment in Moscow. Jill set up a GoFundMe page but it was clear that we could not just rely on that, so the idea of #FabFudge was born.

You can find FabFudge on Twitter and Facebook, as well as their website:

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