Hairy Vegan News First Post

Hairy Vegan News First Post
Hairy Vegan News

So, as you may notice, the new Hairy Vegan website is coming along, but is still very empty of content. Most of the sections I want to include are now ready and in place, so soon I will be in a position to start adding lots of useful content.

This website is a labour of love. I am very passionate about being vegan, the world we live on, animals and of course food, therefore as a result it made perfect sense to make a website that could easily cover all of those subjects.

The Hairy vegan bit is my alter ego. I'm vegan and if I forget to have a shave, I get face furniture in abundance very quickly, so it made perfect sense to me. Of course, i'm not suggesting any visitor to this website has to be hairy, I mean, that is perfectly optional...

Anyway, over the next few days, I will update this post to show the progress I am making. But as this is the first post on the website, it is also a test post to make sure everything works as it should.

22nd January Update: I have now added the most relevent adverts I can acquire, which in time will hopefully help fund Hairy Vegan, cover my costs and allow me to put something back to help animals. Of course, if people use those adverts to go and buy stuff, it leads to Hairy Vegan getting a small commission. I have now also added a few posts so the site doesn't look completely bare, in time many more will be added. There are some bits that still need to be added such as an "about me" page.

I will update this post again as and when something new is added or happens over the next few days, in the meantime, enjoy the posts and please, do share them on Facebook so more people can see them, especially the guides which casn help others wanting to become vegan.

Kind Regards

Hairy Vegan