Is it Vegan?

Is it Vegan?
Is It Vegan?
This page is for sharing links to resources that will tell us if something is vegan or not. Feel free to add to it.
Animal Wool: No it’s not vegan and here is why: There are some very good synthetic wools around that can be used instead and many clothing items are made from the synthetic wool. Always best to check which you are buying to be sure.
Silk: Real silk is not vegan, it comes from the silk worm: There are some very good synthetic silks appearing on the market these days though that are very much vegan. This is one of those things where you should check, as most silk is still not vegan.
Palm Oil: Yes and no. Yes palm oil itself is vegan as it is from a plant, but at the same time, most palm oil is not considered vegan, because of the devestation the farming of this plant causes and the harm to a whole range of wildlife that happens as a result, including the commonly known ones, such as Orangutans: You can however get palm oil produced from sustainable sources, which is considered vegan. You should check to see if the product has sustainable palm oil or not.
Alcohol: Yes and No. Some are and some are not. You can check if your favourite alcholic beverage is vegan friendly or not here, oh and they also have a great mobile phone app!:
Tested On Animals: Never. Any product that is tested on animals is never vegan. Here are some links where you can see if your brand/item is vegan friendly or not: Also you can order their free shopping guide here:
Ingredients List: Ingredients are misleading as it gives you some odd technical term, but in reality it could well be a part of a dead body. Here is a list of ingredients that are not vegan:
Maple Syrup: Yes & No. Some manufacturers use bacon, butter, cream or milk as a defoaming agent. You never know what defoamer was used unless you contact the company directly to find out. Even then, some defoaming agents contain animal byproducts.
Pearls: Not vegan and here is why: Although there are some very high quality fake pearls around these days and at the very top end of the market, there is a new manmade pearl that is completely vegan, although you need to check what they use, as some do still use animal parts.
If you have any suggestions for additions or anythign which needs amending, let us know so we can keep this up to date.