Jamie Oliver Designs Vegan Menu For Forest Green Rovers The Vegan Football Club

Jamie Oliver Designs Vegan Menu For Forest Green Rovers The Vegan Football Club
Jamie Oliver Vegan Forest Green Rovers

British tv chef and author Jamie Oliver has created an impressive plant-based menu for the world’s first vegan football team, Forest Green Rovers.

Jamie Oliver, along with farmer and television presenter Jimmy Doherty, met the team at their home stadium, The New Lawn, for the filming of their Channel 4 cookery programme "Friday Night Feast."

Oliver and Doherty prepared a variety of plant-based dishes, including a Sri Lankan curry with roasted cauliflower, for the League Two team. Speaking about the experience, midfielder Dayle Grubb revealed that the chefs were excited about the team’s vegan focus.

"They both seemed really impressed with the way club is run as a vegan football club and how some of the players have made the transition themselves," Grubb said. "They were really interested in the impact it had on us as players and also the fans. Even down to the organic pitch we have, they were surprised with the level to which Dale has taken it,” he added, speaking abour rhw clubs chairman, Dale Vince.

Vince maintains an eco-friendly position in the way he runs the football club, choosing to only sell plant-based food to supporters, encouraging meat-free eating for the players and investing in the organic pitch. Vince also owns the world’s first vegan-certified electricity company Ecotricity that promotes sustainable, animal-free energy.

Dayle Grubb ate meat before joining Forest Green Rovers, but since joining he has now become vegetarian.

"I wouldn’t be a vegetarian right now if I hadn’t made the move to Forest Green. By eating the food at the ground and at training, you become more knowledgeable with the food you can eat and it is eye-opening," he explained.

"When you eat meat, you think it has to be in every meal, but it isn’t until you are shown alternatives that you realise there are a lot of different options for you, adding that the plant-based food Oliver cooked was unbelievable." Grubb continued by saying "I hope Friday Night Feast comes across well and opens the club up to a new audience."