Mongolian Wolf Pups That Are Extremely Rare Caught On Camera

Mongolian Wolf Pups That Are Extremely Rare Caught On Camera
Mongolian Wolf Pups

Extremely Rare footage of gorgeous Mongolian wolf pups has been caught in camera traps and has been released. The footage of the endangered animals in the stunning landscape of their Mongolia home has been revealed by National Geo.

The Mongolian wolf is also known as the Tibetan wolf or as the subspecies of the Gray Wolf, Canis Lupus Chanco. It is a smaller wolf than it's cousin the Gray wolf and usually only weighs about 45 kg. It also goes by the nickname of the Woolly Wolf because of it's dense undercoat. It is native to Central Asia and ranges from Turkestan, throughout Tibet to Mongolia, Northern China, the western Himalayas in Kashmir and even as far as the Korean peninsula.

Currently there are about 70,000 Mongolian wolves in the area. Normally these wolves do not form large packs but tend to travel in numbers of 2 or 3. They feed mostly on hares throughout the year, marmots in summer, and due to the lack of mobility through the deep snow in the winter, they will also hunt goats and sheep if available.

As for their appearance, they resemble the Eurasian Wolf but have shorter legs. Their muzzle is however almost identical to the Eurasian wolf. They also have striking gold eyes that seemingly look right through you and are quite mesmerizing.

The Mongolian or Tibetan wolf is thought by some scientists to be the most likely ancestor of the domestic dog. This is because of its small size and mandible morphology, noting that the uppermost part of the lower jaw is turned back on both the Mongolian wolf and the dog, but is not found in other Gray wolf subspecies.