Nutcrafter Creamery Vegan Cheeses

Nutcrafter Creamery Vegan Cheeses
Nutcrafter Creamery

Every now and then Hairy Vegan comes across a vegan company offering food products that we think sound fantastic, or we know from first hand how great they are. When we find such a product, we will give it a spotlight and as our first choice, we have chosen to do this for Nutcrafter Creamery who make a delightful range of vegan cheeses.

"We started with the assumption that dairy milk and cashews shared three of the main ingredients: fat, water and sugar. We worked hard and through trial and error we successfully applied procedures and processes similar to traditional dairy craftsmanship, including curdling, fermentation and air aging. We began to offer our cheese to customers and the comments were more than encouraging."

Why is it raw? It is raw because food heated over a temperature of 105 degree Fahrenheit is believed to be “dead”, exploited of most of the nutrients and properties.
Why is it cultured? It is cultured because our acidophilus bacteria are living probiotic micro organisms beneficial to food and to our digestive system.
Why is it activated? It is activated because by soaking and dehydrating nuts we rid the nuts of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. These toxins are naturally contained in nuts with the function of protecting them from parasites but unfortunately they also reduce the ability for our bodies to absorb nutrients properly. That's why by mocking nature we can enjoy nuts when they are ready to sprout and at their most nutrient state.

A good source of vegetable proteins and probiotics, Nutcrafter Creamery cheese alternative contains no gluten, no casein, no soy, no yeast and is lactose and cholesterol free. Furthermore, it's made with absolutely no preservatives, artificial ingredients or additives. Made by vegan people in Scotland!

A few questions answered:

Q. What is the best way to store Nutcrafter Creamery cheese?
A. As a general rule, all of our cheese will keep for 30 to 60 days under refrigeration and unopened; the “Use by” date is stamped on the back of each box, and differs according to the cheese. If you want to keep your cheese longer, however, you can always freeze them. While freezing will not affect quality, your cheeze won’t improve in flavour or texture either (in other words, it will remain unchanged). If you plan to keep them for longer than the recommended shelf life, it’s a good idea to place them in the freezer.

Q. What cultures do you use? Are they vegan?
A. We use a proprietary mix of live cultures that obviously do not contain any animal products. Yes, they are vegan!

Q. Will you have a cookbook or place on your website recipes using your products?
A. Not at the moment, but we will have a section on our website where we will share some recipes. We are always cooking up dishes with our cheeses in our kitchen and we will become more diligent about sharing the recipes online with readers!

Q. Would I be able to buy a collection of cheeses?
A. Yes, we have a "Buy 4 receive 1 Free" offer of assorted aged cheeses. These are our most popular mix. In the case that we cannot supply all the flavours mentioned, (for example, we are temporarily out of stock on one flavour) we will replace it with another flavour with an equivalent value. This ensures you won't need to wait beyond your expected dispatch date.

About the minds behind Nutcracker Creamery:

Francesco Accolla

Francesco is the director and co-founder of Nutcrafter Creamery. He moved to Glasgow alongside his family in 2013. Passionate about food and the environment, Francesco is convinced that saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, delivering all living beings from suffering and advancing widespread economic growth, are one and the same fight.

Accomplished classically trained musician, his educational background includes a Doctoral Fellowship in music composition from University of Michigan, a MM in the same field from University of Michigan and a BM in composition and piano from Eastman School of Music. If you want to know more about him, you can click here

Aimee Jackson

Aimee is the director and co-founder of Nutcrafter Creamery. She lives in Glasgow with Francesco, her partner in life and their two children. Native of Pittsburgh, PA, Aimee moved to the countryside as a child. One day, a neighbor's calf she raised as pet ended in her family's freezer. Although still very young, she made a life-changing connection and became vegetarian, eventually adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Aimee believes in justice and sustainability; Justice means all living beings are equal. Sustainability extends justice into the future by meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the expectations of future ones. Humans have responsibilities to act ethically and equally towards animals, plants and natural elements alike.

The Nutcrafter Creamery Story:

Nutcrafter Creamery is a company manufacturing handcrafted, organic and plant-based food. All of our products are made with high quality, ethically grown ingredients, thus fostering the interrelationship between all parts of the production chain, from the soil to the consumer.
The Mission of Nutcrafter Creamery is to cultivate and spread a healthier and balanced lifestyle through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is forever considerate to our planet and compassionate to all living beings.
The Vision is that of a world where most of the food chain will be produced sustainably and cruelty-free; where a humane community will treat animals with respect and kindness; where  promoting biodiversity, maximising the use of renewable resources and minimising pollution and waste will be the norm and where every human being will have economic and physical access to food and water sources.

A Selection Of Nutcrafter Creamery Cheeses:

The Ancient - Extra Aged Gomasio - 190g

Our Ancient is a premium cashew cheese wrapped with muslin, flipped daily and rubbed for a minimum of 4 weeks. The Ancient has a sweet and savory taste but the flavour of gomasio (sesame salt) adds to our Ancient a rich and sharp complex gusto with a slightly tangy bite.

Ancient is suitable for main course and dessert and is paired well with a Cabernet Sauvignon, a oaky Sauvignon, a strong ale or a Sauternes.

The Volcanic - Extra Aged Charcoal - 190g

Our premium Volcanic is an extra aged cashew cheese coated in vegetable ash. It is air aged, rubbed and flipped every day for 4 weeks before the ripening process comes to a close.  It has a dry texture, a creamy and characteristic tart and tangy flavour with intense pepper notes.

Aged Cranberry - 190g

Our premium Cranberrydale is an aged cashew cheese filled with organic cranberries and walnuts.  It has a distinctive creamy and supple texture, a mild and characteristic sweet flavour cunningly balanced with astringent tannins notes.

The Opulent - Aged Black Peppercorn - 190g

The flavour of our semi hard Opulent could be described as sharp; it is savory and tangy, assertive and delicious. It can be enjoyed as a table cheese on its own, or accompanied with fruit, nuts and jams. Opulent pairs well with crisp white wines and fruit-forward reds.

Out Of The Blue - (Real Blue Style) 190g

Our premium Out Of The Blue is an extra aged cashew cheese coated in blue mold. It is air aged, rubbed and flipped every day for 8 weeks before the ripening process comes to a close.  

The multi-hued rind is composed of penicillium roqueforti, that loveable mold commonly used in blue cheese, which impart an insistent flavour to the rounds.  The damp, cakey, acidic paste near the rind is fierce, with unmistakable overtones of lemon and black walnut. Inside, the creamy core remains moderately tart, lactic, soothing and with a peppercorn-like spiceness. 

The Piquant - Aged Smoked Chipotle - 190g

Take smooth, mellow cashew cheese, add bits of fiery dry and smoked jalapeno peppers (chipotle), and you have our Piquant. This spicy combo brings excitement to your Mexican dishes, adds spark to your sandwiches, and livens up your cheese platters.

Piquant is low in fat, sodium, calories, zero cholesterol, high in iron and vegetable protein and made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilisers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. It contains no gluten, no casein, no soy, no yeast and lactose free. It's 100% dairy free and 100% vegan.

The Decadent - Aged Dulse - 190g

The flavour of our Decadent can be described as quite delicate and mild. Highlights of robust sea umami compliment the smooth creamy texture and sweet flavour of each semi hard wheel. Decadent is suitable for antipasto and salads and is equally well-matched with pears, sweet grapes and dried fruits. A fruity Italian red or a light white wine pairs wonderfully with this product. followed by Alexander Scriabin's "The Poem of Ecstasy".

The list goes on and on, there is a great selection of cheeses and spreads to choose from...


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