UK Farmers Furious As Activists Publish Map Of Dairy Farms

UK Farmers Furious As Activists Publish Map Of Dairy Farms
Dairy Farming

Activists have published an interactive online map showing the locations of hundreds of publically known dairy farms across England and Wales.

The map, created by Project Calf, is part of a campaign by the organization to expose unsavory practices within the dairy industry. It follows a similar map to that featuring 6,000 factory farms and slaughterhouses across Australia, being published by Dominion director Chris Delforce.


Project Calf says 24 young male calves are killed every hour. The project calls on people to use the information published in the map to document animal suffering on these facilities via 'citizen journalism, peaceful protesting and outreach'. "Locate a dairy farm using our maps," it says. "Using public footpaths, obtain the footage of the cows and separation pens. Talk to the farmers about dairy practices. Let the farmers know their dirty business is everyone’s business!"


Farmers have responded to the map with fury. Sally Reedman, branding it 'absolutely scandalous' and will 'destroy people's livelihood'. "It's absolutely disgusting- the website is full of incorrect facts too." she added. "Our oldest cow is 18! We are on the map and ***** locals in the village sharing the FB page and the website into local spotted and selling sites. ‘Cheers for that, make us a target...Everyone is welcome to their opinion we'd just like them to have true accurate facts before they make them."
Animal abuse

Speaking about the original Australian map, Chris Delforce, told Plant Based News that sharing this type of information is essential in fighting animal abuse. "We believe in freedom of information as a powerful tool in the fight against animal abuse and exploitation," he said. "We believe consumers have a right to know of the existence, location, and operations of these businesses. We believe whistleblowers have the right to a platform where their anonymity can be respected."


Hiary Vegan Note - For anyone thinking about going down to your locally listed dairy farm and giving them a mouthful of abuse, Please don't. this campaign has been started by an activism group and while it is claimed that it should be done using "citizen journalism", using "peaceful protests and outreach"... This is clearly going to impact upon the livelyhood, security and safety of people, I absolutely don't agree with the practices of dairy farming, but when you are talking about putting peoples livelyhoods at risk and publically giving out addresses (sure the addresses are available if you look anyway), it makes it a potentially explosive situation.The dairy industry is in a natural decline anyway, as more people choose to swap to plant based milks and stronger welfare checks are forcing farmers to consider the welfare of their animals more and more. Just be careful and don't go needlessly putting yourself at risk, time is already on the side of the vegan community.