Vintage Inns Pubs Launches Vegan Menu Across The UK

Vintage Inns Pubs Launches Vegan Menu Across The UK
Vintage Inns Vegan Menu

In celebration of Veganuary, Vintage Inns have released a fresh new vegan menu in pubs across the UK.

Chefs at Vintage Inns pubs claim plant-based burgers were the dish they were most often asked to rustle up most often by guests, so the chain has released a brand new patty in response to the demand from customers.

The burgers, which are made up of ingredients including chickpeas, aubergine and spinach, come dressed with spiced red pepper sauce and served with a pesto and tomato dip and a roasted vegetable and grain salad.

If you’re looking for something different to a burger then there’s also a roasted winter vegetable tart with red pepper, beetroot and butternut squash in a basil and paprika pastry case and served with baby potatoes.

For those who like dishes with a kick the menu also plays host to wild mushroom, beetroot and horseradish pasties which come served with beetroot hummus and a pineapple and ginger dressing.

If you’ve got the room for dessert then the chain has got you covered with coconut milk sorbet and strawberries with raspberries in a fruity sauce.

Rachel Westwood, marketing manager at Vintage Inns, said: “Nationally, vegan dishes have grown in popularity over the course of 2018, and in line with this we noticed a big increase in the number of guests ordering from our vegan menu across our pubs.

“We felt this represents a great opportunity to reflect on what our chefs have been rustling up across the country and examine what the UK public loves when it comes to eating vegan meals away from home.

“We look forward to our extended menu giving all our guests even more choice when it comes to plant-based meals when eating out.”

Check out Vintage Inns vegan menu HERE